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Tunnocks Snowballs - 4 Pack

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 One of Scotland’s favourite exports, Tunnocks Snowballs 4 Pack are tasty marshmallow generously coated in chocolate and coconut sprinkles.

They individually wrapped snacks can even be enjoyed on the move. Kids will love opening up their lunchboxes to find one inside – even grown up kids!


Nutrition Facts
Per 1 Snowball (30g)    
Amount % Daily Values
Calories  120
Fat  6g 9%
+ Trans 
Choloesterol  0mg
Sodium  30mg  1%
Carbodydrate  16g 5%
Fibre  1g  4%
Sugars  13g 
Protein  1g
Vitamin A 6% Vitamin C  0%
Calcium 4% Iron 2%