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Celtic Tree of Life Ceramic Teapot

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Celtic Tree of Life Ceramic Teapot


Organize your next tea party with this elegant Tree of Life Teapot as the dominant motif of your dining table. Made of bone china, the teapot is all about durability and can be used on a regular basis. Being heat-resistant, the teapot can preserve the heat and fragrance of any type of tea. Our teapot presents a delicate pattern of the Celtic Tree of Life, becoming an embodiment of elegance. The roots of the tree trunk are adorned with Celtic knots, a favorite symbol of Ireland for representing family, love, and new beginnings. Composed of interlaced strands, the knots symbolize the interconnectivity of the world while the iconic Tree of Life alludes to the everpresent connection to nature. Measuring 4.92” (12.5 cm) in height, 7.87” (20 cm) in width, and having a capacity of 21.97 fl oz (0.65 lt), the Tree of Life teapot can decorate any dining table and can be used on any occasion.