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Celtic High Cross Ceramic Bowl

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Celtic High Cross Ceramic Bowl


Show off your love for Ireland and Celtic heritage with this exquisite Celtic Cross Bowl. Delicately made out of high-quality ceramic, this bowl has a glossy appearance and is sure to last for ages, being an embodiment of durability. Ceramic is a heat and scratch- resistant material that will complete your collection of kitchenware for years to come. It features a multicolored Celtic Cross as a beautiful representation of Celtic faith, hope, strength, and compassion, with the central ring symbolizing infinite love. High Crosses mark the presence of a holy place and are usually found throughout Ireland on old monastic sites. Likewise, the vividly colored design is reminiscent of the rich emblems of the land, making this bowl an Irish-inspired souvenir that brings you closer to your heritage. Additionally, intricate Celtic knot detailing completes the design, which is reminiscent of medieval manuscripts, representing the interconnectivity of the world. The kitchenware item measures 5.51 in diameter, being the best souvenir to offer as a housewarming gift.

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