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The Celtic Tree of Life Ceramic Mug

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The Celtic Tree of Life Ceramic Mug


Be proud of your heritage with this outstanding Tree of Life Mug. Having a mug is essential, especially one that is beautifully painted - ours is covered on both sides by The Tree of Life which represents the forces of nature combined to create balance and harmony and is a representation of the link between heaven and earth, mind and body and the never-ending cycle of life. Made out of New Bone China, a top-class porcelain, well-known for its qualities of being durable and strong ceramic, also chip and heat resistant, but at the same time remarkably beautiful. This exquisite mug holds 12.5 fl oz and is great to bring it out for any occasion.

Created and inspired by the Celtic culture, the mug is made in Ireland by Royal Tara. It makes a good choice for a gift or just the right piece in your tableware.

The Celtic culture is rich and full of meanings that deserve to be explored without a doubt.