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Ivory Celtic Tree of Life Notebook

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Ivory Celtic Tree of Life Notebook


Looking for a meaningful journal to write down your thoughts? look no further with our Tree of Life notebook! This stunning colorful notebook has 80 lined ivory pages that have a distinct and clean look. The cover illustrates a beautiful image of the Celtic tree of life completed with green leaves, red flowers, and Celtic knot patterns. The Celtic Tree of Life symbolizes the eternal cycle of nature, with branches and roots woven together without end. It can also represent the afterlife and the connection between the earth and heaven. The connection between the Celts and trees used to be so deep, that they used to think that trees were their ancestors.

Our Tree of Life notebook measures approximately 5.5 inches tall (14 cm ) and 4 inches (10 cm)Wide.

It is a great gift for anyone who wants to bring a part of their heritage into their day-to-day lives.