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Porridge Oats are the most popular way to make porridge. Our porridge oats are made with rolled Scottish oatflakes, giving a delicious creamy, filling porridge.

Porridge oats are great if you’re in a rush, as they cook quickly, whether you choose to use the microwave or the hob. Three to four minutes should be all it takes – just time to get the kettle boiled and the toast made! Porridge oats can also be used in a wide variety of recipes, such as biscuits, crumbles and breads. Visit our recipe section for some inspiration.

Nutritional Information Per 100g oats Per serving made with water (40g oats)
Energy 1618kj 649kj
384 kcal 154 kcal
Protein 11.2g 4.5g
Carbohydrate 63.2g 25.3g
of which sugars 1.1g 0.4g
Fat 7.7g 3.1g
of which Saturates 1.2g 3.5g
Fibre 8.7g 3.5g
Sodium trace trace

Category: Hamlyns, oats, Porridge, Scottish