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Emblem Tea Towel & Shamrock Pot Holder

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Emblem Tea Towel & Shamrock Pot Holder


Our 2 piece kitchen set is the perfect way to add a touch of Irish heritage and cultural significance to your home. The set includes a tea towel and pot holder made out of 100% cotton, both featuring iconic Irish symbols. The tea towel measures 29.5 by 19.6 inches (75 by 50 cm), and the pot holder measures 8.6 inches (22 cm) square. Wash them using cold water and give them a stretch before drying.

This set has a rich meaning to it due to its unique Irish-inspired design. The towel pattern features the most popular symbols of Ireland: the Celtic Cross, Shamrock, Irish Harp, and Claddagh Ring. On the pot holder you will find the same Shamrock design. This kitchen set is not only functional and practical, but it is also a stylish and meaningful way to incorporate a touch of Irish culture into your home.